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  • We provide WordPress website help
  • Fix broken sections on your website
  • Fix plugins that are malfunctioning
  • Have a software update that went wrong?
  • Fix hacked sites
  • Remove malware from your website
  • Restore your website

WebCare® protects your site & keeps it in peak condition.

How did your website get this bad in the first place? Websites age every day. The software needs to be current, and your content needs to be consistently updated so that your website is always making you proud. — And bringing you sales!

WebCare® provides monthly complete website management.

From the beginning, you’ll be assigned a personal website concierge. This person will be your personal liaison, schedule any request immediately, and continue great communication with you till every task is completed.

We can assist you with urgent tasks like system errors, broken pages, or fixing your WordPress shopping cart. As well as provide ongoing long term care for your website.

Making an update is as easy as jotting your idea into an email and clicking “send” – think of your WebCare® concierge as an extension of your staff.

If your website concierge has any questions or can provide helpful suggestions to make your website even better, they will communicate that with you prior to completing your request.


Fast. Easy. Simple.

1Send a request.

2Updates completed within 24-48 hrs.

3Review and approve.

WordPress Experts

WebCare® provides full website maintenance and security.

Website Support
  • WordPress technical support
  • 1 hour of requests, monthly – Update your site’s look and content
  • Dedicated WebCare® concierge for your requests and support
  • Rapid response times (during working hours)
Software Maintenance
  • Maintain WordPress + plugins at current version
  • We test for compatibility for all software updates
  • Updates done twice, weekly… by a WebCare® expert, who can spot and correct any theme/plugin quirks or conflicts
Full Site Security
  • Proactively protecting your site
  • 24/7 malware scanning
  • 24/7 uptime + security monitoring
  • In the event of a hack (which is 99.9% unlikely under WebCare® protection) we will clean up malware and restore your site

    Here’s an actual client support request and timeline.

    All requests receive immediate confirmation and scheduling.

    Here’s an actual client support request and timeline.

    All requests receive immediate confirmation and scheduling.


    Shipping cost problem!

    I noticed that the shopping cart checkout page shows an automatic $20.00 shipping cost before the customer enters their address.

    I am not sure what I did to cause this?

    Can you fix it to show $0.00 as a default and then update automatically update after the customer inputs their address?

    Thank you.

    10:46 AM

    Confirmation – I’m on it!

    I will contact you if I have any questions or suggestions regarding your request.

    12:41 PM

    Your request has been completed.

    Hi Claire,
    We adjusted the checkout page to hide the shipping cost until an address is entered.

    You can review the updates here: View Your Cart

    Please, let me know if there is anything else I can do for you!

    12:56 PM

    Wow, that was fast

    Works perfectly now, thank you!

    Month to month, no contract.

    Canceling is easy – but 97% of customers stay at least a year.

    WebCare® is a personal concierge service + full security, for your website.
    We take care of your unique website tasks, offer recommendations, and provide further strategy. This is what website management should have always been.


    Here’s what WebCare® customers are saying.

    Second Saturday

    “Handing the site over to you guys has been a tremendous ‘quieting of my mind’. I don’t have to worry about the ins and outs of the website anymore.”

    client David Barnett Executive Director
    Since 2018
    Smarter Divorce Solutions

    “Working with WebCare, I’m the #1 Google ranked Certified Divorce Financial Analyst in Arizona. I recommend them to all the CDFAs in my training program.”

    client Nancy Hetrick Owner
    Since 2016
    Mountain Oyster Club

    “I am just amazed at how quickly you all get things done. It’s incredible. Thank you so much!”

    client Alisha Taylor Art Director
    Since 2019
    The Vig

    “Our site has 20K visitors a month so uptime and prompt updates are very important. WebCare is fast and easy to work with and the quality of work is great! In the last year I’ve hardly had to send any revisions – but when I do they are fixed immediately.”

    client Jessie Palm Marketing Manager
    Since 2016
    JWB Manufacturing

    “Thank you for all of the support for the past 3+ years. Your attention to details and the build of my custom solutions has really helped my domestic and international expansion!”

    client Jeff Barth Owner
    Since 2016

    “’Loooooking goooood! We’re happy.’ – was my exact response to the last website update. They’re quick to respond and find solutions for all of my requests. The communication is excellent, and we feel very taken care of.”

    client Cara Lukens Office Manager
    Since 2018

    One service.
    Month to month.
    No hidden fees.

    One service.
    Month to month.
    No hidden fees.


    A premium concierge service for
    WordPress website management.


    per month

    • Dedicated WebCare® concierge for your requests and support.
    • Quick turnaround. Requests are completed within
      24-48 hours.
    • 1 hour of monthly website updates (+ additional hours as needed).
    • Receive bi-monthly website strategies to improve your website, simply click to implement with your WebCare® concierge.
    • Quality assurance. Requests are not blindly carried out.
    • When applicable we give feedback and further recommendations that take into account your business, brand and website as a whole.
    • 24/7 uptime, security, and malware monitoring.
    • Google Analytics tracking – reports sent upon request, so you can track your progress.
    • Twice weekly, we update your WordPress core files and all plugins.
    • Monthly “whole site” back-up – stored offline.
    • In the event of a hack (which is 99.9% unlikely under WebCare) we will clean up malware and restore your site.
    • 1 free website restore per month.

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