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How do I sign up for WebCare®?

Getting started is easy! Sign up here.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

WebCare® is month to month – no contract.
(97% of our customers stay at least a year)

Can I cancel anytime?
Canceling is easy. You just contact your WebCare® concierge before your next billing cycle.
Will website updates include SEO optimization?
Yes! When applicable, posting a new blog or article includes internally linking appropriate keywords, rewriting titles for keywords, adding additional headers into the article (targeted for keywords), and add alt tags for media.

We work to SEO your website for keywords you provide. Keyword strategy is not covered under WebCare®.

Will I still have full access to my website?
Absolutely! You will always have admin access to your website and can continue to get into the site whenever you need to.
Can I keep my current hosting?
Yes, we will work with your current hosting company. However, some hosts may slow down your site load time, or block our scheduled backups.
Is it better to switch to Premium Hosting?

Yes! Premium WordPress Hosting can not only help protect your wordpress site, it allows for faster load times. WebCare® Hosting + Hosting Management benefits:

  • A free SSL certificate and green lock (we take care of everything)
  • Management of A records, CNAME and DNS Records
  • Management of any server errors or downtime
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Improved site load time (In comparison to GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting)
  • Cloud-based hosting
  • Nightly backups
  • WordPress Only Hosting – Specific for the security and memory needs of a WordPress website
  • Staging Site
  • We partner with Flywheel hosting to bring you excellence in hosting and hosting management.

The cost for Premium WordPress Hosting + Hosting Management is $30/mo and is included with your WebCare® billing. Sign up here.

If you are already a WebCare® client and want to add Premium hosting, email

Does WebCare® help my site make me money?
Companies that work with us to make frequent and incremental changes in a strategic way- get the best results from their website. But we know not every business owner knows how to strategize for their site… that is why twice a month we will send you an email with proven and successful strategies to improve your site. You can implement any of these strategies through using your hour of professional updates.

If you would like to incorporate these strategies (and provide the necessary content when applicable), all you have to do is send an email to your WebCare® concierge and we will implement these changes on your site right away. It takes minimal but consistent effort on your part and our professional team will assist you with all your requests.

Making Website Requests / Professional Updates

How many requests can be completed in an hour?

One hour of WebCare® professional updates generally equals about 2 – 4 requests per month, depending on the complexity of the request. See all the requests you can make here: Website professional updates

Can I add additional hours for updates?
When you sign up, you can add additional hours to your service.

Already signed up? You can contact your WebCare® concierge and request additional hours ($75/hr) be added to your account.

Will you remind me to update my site?
Yes, twice a month! We send you professional tips and strategies to help improve your site. You can implement any of these strategies through your hour of professional updates.
Will you write blogs for me?
Original content is Queen (or King)! And we have found that articles written in your/your companies “own voice” are far more successful in gaining readership.

Therefore, copywriting is not included in WebCare®.

Once you submit an article to us, we take care of everything else. We make sure your headline is compelling, source an image if you didn’t supply one, set up proper SEO with keywords, internal linking and add a catchy excerpt.

How do I submit requests?
When you sign up for your WebCare®, you will receive a welcome email with specific, easy-to-follow instructions.

Be sure to check your spam email, if you have not received your welcome email.

Please contact us if you need assistance.

Can I send WebCare® requests on the weekend?
You can send in your requests at any time and they will be immediately scheduled.

All requests will be completed during WebCare® hours of operation— Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (MST).

Is there an Emergency request line?
WebCare® hours of operation are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (MST). You can mark a request as urgent and that request will be moved to the top of the queue on the day it is received – to be completed within WebCare® operational hours.


Is it safe to share my website logins with you?
As your WebCare® team, we need to have full access to your website and associated accounts. This also includes your hosting logins if you are not hosting with us. In the odd event that your site went down or you have a plugin issue, we need access to your site through your hosting provider.

We collect and store all passwords safely. Passwords are encrypted when they are submitted and we store them in a private encrypted vault offline.

How do I know my website is secure?
WebCare® includes 24/7 uptime monitoring and 24/7 security monitoring, for any malicious behavior or activity. This also includes proactively acting on any suspicious activity in order to protect you from a potential hack.

Your site will be monitored 24/7 for login attempts and we block IP addresses that try logging in several times in row (brute force attacks). We also go into your site twice a week to make sure all the software is up to date, which is the most common access point for WordPress website hacks.

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