Test Post 2

Test Post 2

Is your website connecting with your ideal client? Is your website traffic actually converting to service booking, product sales, or sales calls? Are you looking too much like your competitors? Want the magic key to these issues?

Two Words With a Huge Impact. Compelling Photography.

Notice we didn’t say “original”, “great”, “colorful”… We said compelling. We want the imagery on your site to convert new customers for your business. As human beings, we are stimulated visually whether its by images or color arrangements. This is why photos are so important for your website. A lot of companies use stock photos to populate their site, because they are a cheap and easy option. Stock photos can be excellent when they are strategically used. However, original photos reinforce the credibility of your company to visitors on your website. It’s important to know how to use photos appropriately on your site, so that they are working for your business and not distracting or even deterring potential clients or sales.

“Original photos reinforce the credibility of your company to visitors on your website.”

Show Me vs. Tell Me

The internet is a very visual place. Most people only stay on a webpage for 3 seconds or less. So images speak volumes about your services. Think about where you can “show” your brand values or benefits, rather than “telling” your customers about them. If you boast about friendly responsive service, then use large images of smiling and welcoming staff. If you are an All-Natural Skincare brand, then consider adding images of raw ingredients on your site in addition to product images. “Show” natural ingredients rather then just “tell” them.

Connect To Your Customers

Think about what you are communicating with your photos. Are you proving a professional service? Maybe your clients would be more inclined to call you after seeing your face or the face of your team online. Show your office or studio in action. Take pictures of your lobby, studio, patrons, etc… Introducing your customers to your business or services happens online, way before they ever step foot in your establishment or say yes to your services.

Reflect Your Ideal Customer

Your website imagery should look like a mirror of your ideal client. People who “see themselves” on your site are more inclined to feel like they are a fit for your services or products. So if you do use stock photography here, make sure you are using images that are the right demographic for your business. For example, if you are a divorce lawyer do not add stock images where couples look too young, too happy, or are wearing wedding rings. (This sounds like a “duh”, but you’d be surprised!)

“If you do use stock photography, make sure you are using images that are the right demographic for your business.”

Fake It!

If you do need to use stock photos, editing, cropping, or recoloring can help to make them look more unique and more interesting. Always make them work for your brand, do not style a page around stock images.

Diverse group of people leaning over a table full of notes

Make a Plan

Plan a consistent vision of how you want your images to look and feel for people clicking through your website. Nothing looks sloppier than inconsistent, random photos on a website. If you are using stock photos, start replacing those photos of random people with people who work in your office. Your employees, brand and products aren’t boring, so don’t let your photos reflect that! Keep your photos personal and worthy of your brand.